Bike packing is becoming real popular. The feeling of freedom while you are cycling is wonderful. Bikepacking is actually one big adventure. To make your bikepack trip more pleasant, we have some good products within our range such as the ErgoMyRide XC-M and the HideMyBell insider.

Extra ergonomic position

During bikepacking you often spend many hours on your bike for several days in a row. It is nice to be able to switch positions with your hands while cycling. With the ErgoMyRide XC-M this is possible for bicycles with a straight handlebar. Thanks to perfect ergonomics, you can place your hands comfortably on the handlebars. This way you experience more comfort, safety and grip. Due to the patented raised edge at the end, they are also very safe to use, because your hands do not just shoot off. You are also more aerodynamic on your bike.

HideMyBell insider

The stuff you take with you for bike packing you put in bags that you hang on the bike. If you use a handlebar bag, you have no space for your bicycle computer holder in front of your stem. With the HideMyBell insider you can put both a handlebar bag and a bicycle computer on your handlebar at the same time. You also get our unique discreetly integrated bicycle bell. Ideal for bikepacking!

To be continued…

The HideMyBell insider and the ErgoMyRide XC-M are very practical products for bikepacking. CloseTheGap is currently developing a number of products for bikepacking. Keep an eye on our socials to read more about it.