Which bike computers fit the HideMyBell?

  • Edge 20 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 25 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 130 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 200 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 500 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 510
  • Edge 520 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 530
  • Edge 800
  • Edge 810
  • Edge 820 (compatible with mini)
  • Edge 830
  • Edge 1000
  • Edge Touring
  • Edge 1030
  • Edge Explore
  • ELEMNT Roam
  • ELEMNT Bolt (compatible with mini)
  • ELEMNT Mini (compatible with mini)
Mio / Magellan
  • The complete Cyclo series
  • ROX GPS 7.0
  • ROX GPS 11.0
  • ROX GPS 12.0
  • Pure GPS (compatible with mini)
  • M450 (compatible with mini)
  • M460 (compatible with mini)
  • V650
  • Rider 10 (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 10 C (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 10 E (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 100 (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 310 (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 330 C (suggestion the ‘mini HideMyBell’)
  • Rider 530 H
  • Rider 530 T
  • Rider 410
  • Rider 450
  • Super GPS (compatible with mini)
  • Mega C (compatible with mini)
  • Micro GPS (compatible with mini)
  • Macro GPS (compatible with mini)
  • Mega GPS XL (only compatible with HideMyBell insider)
  • Coachsmart
  • X3
  • X5 Evo
  • Karoo

General HideMyBell questions

Can I use the HideMyBell in all weather conditions?

Yes, rain and mud have no effect on the functionality of the bell. It contains small holes, allowing water to flow out smoothly. The alloy bell is anodized, which provides a weatherproof oxide layer. The bolts are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion.

Is the HideMyBell fi-mount compatible with every handlebar/stem combo’?

Not yet, but we try to make it compatible with as many combo’s as possible.

The HideMyBell fi-mount fits directly on the following handlebar/stem combinations:

  • Pro Stealth EVO
  • Syncros bar/stem systems (Scott Foil)
  • Canyon H31, CP01, CP04, CP06, CP10 and CP01 Hover Bar.
  • Ritchey WCS Solostreem Carbon
  • Giant Contact SLR Aero Integrated Bar/Stem (not the new Propel combo system!)
  • FSA Plasma
  • MOST iTalon
  • Sensa Supra Combo
  • Bontrager Blendr (Trek Madone), also in combination with Blendr system
  • Cannondale Synapse Save SystemBar
  • Vision METRON 5D ACR (longer M5 mounting bolts required, not included)

Special aero-cockpit adapters are available for:

  • Canyon H11 & H36 (Aeroad)
  • Wilier Alabarda
  • Vision Metron

The fi-mount is not compatible with the Giant Propel 2018 & Specialized Venge ViaS.

Can I install a HideMyBell on my 35mm handlebars?

The HideMyBell insider is the only model suitable for 35mm handlebars. The mini and regular are only compatible with standard 31,8 mm handlebars.

Which action cameras and lights have a GoPro adapter?

Action cameras

  • The complete GoPro series
  • Shimano Sport
  • Garmin Virb


  • Sigma Buster 100 (adapter is optional)
  • Sigma Buster 200 (adapter is optional)
  • Sigma Buster 600 (adapter is optional)
  • Sigma Buster 2000 (adapter is optional)
  • Light & Motion (adapter is optional)
  • Knog PWR
  • Blackburn Central 700
  • LED24 (various models)

Light/camera combination

  • Cycliq FLY12

Do you have additions?

More and more brands use GoPro connections for their camera’s and safety lights, and there is no doubt we have missed a few. Do you have additions to the list above? Please send us an email: support@closethegap.cc

Can I use the HideMyBell off-road?

All HideMyBells work well under all circumstances. We tested all models at extreme MTB bike parks: the holder is strong, and the bicycle computer is firmly and securely clamped in the holder. Cobblestones do not make the bell go off unintentionally.

The HideMyBell insider is especially designed for off-road usage. It positions the bike computer right above the stem, to make sure it is well protected. When you are pushing your limits out there in the forrest, you don’t have to worry about your computer being damaged by branches and trees.