Cyclists driven product development

CloseTheGap develops and engineers new bike products. To shorten the time from product idea to production we have setup our own R&D department. 3D modelling software and 3D printing enable us to create everything we need in the development phase: from concept models to the first actual test models.

Unique designs

Only after some heavy field testing and several rounds of comprehensive reviewing we decide if the new product meets our quality and design standards. If so, we move on to the production phase. All the ­production tools are owned by CloseTheGap, which means all products are unique ­designs.

On the left you see the 3D mold for the HideMyBell insider. It is hard to imagine that such a small product needs such a big and complex injection mold. For the technicians among you: with three sliders we are able to make the complete bracket in one piece.


At CloseTheGap we are good at designing, developing and engineering innovative bike accessories.

Do you think you can help us make cycling safer and more fun? Or do you have a great suggestion for a new product?

Then let’s get in touch, maybe we can develop it together.