HideMyBell the original

We started in 2015 with the HideMyBell product concept. First with a Kickstarter project and after all as private funded project. Around us we had a great team who believed in the discrete bike bell solution. The first HideMyBell was Garmin-only with 2 installation options. 

HideMyBell 2.0

After 4 years the HideMyBell product range extended with right now 4 models. The regular, mini, fi-mount and the last kid the insider. Besides the models we added different bike computer compatibility. Nowdays we support Garmin, Wahoo, Sigma, Bryton, Polar, Mio and Lezyne. Another new feature is the accessory installation option. You can add our GoPro style adapter, Uni light adapter or the Direct lamp adapter. With this solution we create the first and only 3-in-1 mount.


End 2018 we changed our brand name to CloseTheGap. HideMyBell became a product name. We added our first new product category: CoverMyBack. In 2019 HideMyWaste was introduced in cooperation with the Amstel Gold Race. The first external partnerships we made with the ErgoMyRide XC-M and HideMyMirror. All CloseTheGap products are in line with our philosophy: making cycling more fun, comfortable and safer with innovative bike products.


HideMyBell raceday will be released in spring 2020. Another new innovative product we are working on: HideMyTools.

Enjoy the ride, safe in style!

Mathijs Wagenaar
Founder HideMyBell – CloseTheGap