Eco friendly packaging design

When we start designing our product range we don’t stop when we need a good looking packaging. Not only the looks are important, we also design the packaging without or with as less as possible extra added packaging materials. For example we use the bolt for installing the HideMyBell around the handlebar also for installing the HideMyBell at the cardboard.

The bell trigger we use as clip to fix the product at the cardboard. The package is made of paper and ready for recycling of course. With a cutting out the GoPro style adapter is attached. The pre- install bolts are at the place they are needed at your bike. All the computer adapters and manual are at the box at the bottom. With 2 staples the paper box is fixed at the cardboard. The result is a premium looking packaging with also the option to touch and try the product without damaging the package. 

No waste

For the CoverMyBack we add only one t-wrap to hold the mud guard straight to the cardboard. The ErgoMyRide, HideMyWaste and HideMirror are 100% free of special package added materials. Only the paper cardboard is what we need.

Take the lead

With our package designs we want to create a statement: there are no / or as less as possible extra packaging materials needed. CloseTheGap is also with an eco friendly packaging policy ahead in the bicycle industry.