Spare part: HideMyBell bracket

Spare part: HideMyBell bracket


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Whoops, you crashed or with transportation for example your HideMyBell had -not for normal use- an impact and damaged.
For using the trigger please be noticed like we explained in the manual: use low force and release as quick as possible the trigger. How quicker, the better sound. High force is not working for a better sound, this will only damage the functionality after a period.

To recover your bike bell solution we add this spare parts. Not only good for the environment, you also save money. In a minute you can exchange the bell and the computer adapter.

Enjoy the ride and save ridings again!


HideMyBell regular bracket:

  • included stainless steel M3 x 16 mm

HideMyBell mini bracket:

  • included stainless steel M4 x 16 mm

HideMyBell fi-mount bracket included

  • stainless steel M5 x 16 mm (3X)
  • stainless steel M4 x 16 mm (2X)

HideMyBell insider bracket included

  • stainless steel M4 x 10 mm





Easy installation


Rebuild: prevent waste


Quick back on track


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18 reviews for Spare part: HideMyBell bracket

  1. Caspar Christensen (verified owner)

    Very happy there is now sparepart for the bracket. They handle/knot breaks once a year for (most likely because I am applying to much force when having wearing gloves in wintertime)

  2. Huub Van Kesteren

    Gekocht ter vervanging van mijn eerste HideMyBell die was gebroken op scharnierpunt. Ik had blijkbaar een oudere versie met geïntegreerde vatting voor de computer. Bij deze nieuwe versie zitten geen lossen vattingen. Heb nu gebruik gemaakt van een van de andere houders die bij de HideMyBell raceday sl zat die ik ook had besteld. Past niet 100% maar doet voor nu zijn werk. Weet niet of dit op termijn gaat slijten.

  3. Frederik (verified owner)

    Cheap repear when your bracket broke

  4. John N. (verified owner)

  5. Johan (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Offerings of spare parts are much appreciated. Keeping the environment in mind.

  7. Henrik R. (verified owner)

    Second time buyers at Close the Gap might need to be aware of the various generations of hide my bell.
    My first generation hide my bell was a garmin compatible only (fixed without screws), so I needed 2 screws for a inner garmin-bracket.
    As a happy returning customer I had the spare screws.
    I love the clear and loud sound of the bell.

  8. Michiel (verified owner)

    Prima ding, net als mijn vorige. Daarvan was helaas het bel ‘hendeltje’ afgebroken. Hopelijk gaat deze nieuwe iets langer mee.

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