CoverMyBack2+ & present



You know the backside of the minimalistic mud guard underneath the saddle going easy to the side or loose? And how to install proper a rear light at (aero) seat posts? We had some frustrating. For our engineering team the challenge to improve these products to the next level. We developed the best cycling experience to be safe, in comfort and in style: welcome to CoverMyBack2+

You can split the CoverMyBack2+ in 3 pieces: saddle rail adapter, rear light and the mud guard. You can install and remove the lamp and the mud guard in a second. The lamp is installed with a rubber strap and the protector with the click and kick design. When you accidentally hit the mud guard you don't damage the product.

  • The best place and clean look for a rear light
  • 30 Lumens COB led technology by Spanninga
  • Power / eco / flash mode (5 / 8 / 10 hours)
  • Tool free lamp installation / remove
  • Battery USB rechargeable lamp
  • Quickly mount & remove your mudguard
  • Stable and vibration-free mudguard
  • Suitable for 7-9 mm saddle rails
  • Mudguard size: 29 x 7,5 centimeter
  • Made and engineered in the Netherlands