CoverMyBack (pre-order)

CoverMyBack (pre-order)


Update pre-order status: deliverable from end January 2019

Lights on during the day is quite common these days. And why not? It makes you more visible for vehicles that approach from the rear. The CoverMyBack mount helps you to place a rear light in the best possible position: at driver eye height. At the same time you can also click in a second a mudguard into the mount. A GoPro style adapter can be mounted instead of the light holder.

The CoverMyBack is a great, multi-functional solution that matches all CloseTheGap brand values: it keeps you safe (and dry), and makes cycling more fun.


  • Finally: a stylish solution to fit a rear light on an aero seatpost
  • Every rear light fits
  • A rear light never looked so cool!
  • Light positioned at driver eye height
  • Quickly mount & demount your mudguard
  • Stable and vibration-free attachment of the mudguard
  • Suitable for 7-9 mm saddle rails
  • Saddle rail can full be used for the saddle position
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • The light holder can be removed: so mudguard-only is possible
  • Mudguard size: 29 x 7,5 centimeter
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Made and engineered in the Netherlands
  • Patent pending


  • Accessory: GoPro adapter


  • Pictures made with a 3D printed model
  • Update: pre-order status deliverable from mid January 2019

The best sportive looking light adapter and mudguard


Click-and-go mudguard install


More bike fun


Free world wide shipping

Technical FAQs

Can I still use my saddle bag?

This is the depending on the design of the installation of your saddle bag. If the straps are long enough this should be no problem. If the bag is really close to the saddle or the bag is installed with a clamp to the saddle rail the combo with CoverMyBack will not fit. How about a general solution for a saddle bag? We will introduce next year a new innovative solution for your tools and spare parts.


Is the adapter suitable for al saddle rails?
  1. The clamp is fitting a range from 7 - 9 mm saddle rails. So the standard round size and oversized carbon rails are no problem.  
  2. The minimal rail in between distance is maximal 66 mm. So the most standard saddle rail designs will adapt the CoverMyBack installation method.
  3. There is above the saddle rail at least 8 millimeter free space needed to install the CoverMyBack adapter 
Is the angle of the light bundle no problem?

Standard saddles with a rail dimension of 70 - 80 degrees at the back are suitable with the CoverMyBack.
Saddle rails which are real flat or have less space as 1 centimeter between the rail and saddle cover are not compatible.

Is the mudguard fitting strong enough for off-road?

We designed the lock of the mudguard installation strong enough so challenging off-road use is no problem.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    great design and a real multi functional product, keep the good work up guys!

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